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June 2- Rensselaer wins Mock Meet!

posted Jun 3, 2011, 2:30 AM by RSST Swim Team
Wow!  Last night was very hot a bit chaotic, but we made it!  A very special thank you to all who volunteered their time and worked at the meet.  Your dedication is very appreciated!!
First of all I want to say it was so exciting to watch our swimmers last night.  We have a very strong, competitive team and I can't wait to see how much more they progress!!
Our computer/scoring system was not working correctly at the beginning of the meet which made scoring and ribbon writing next to impossible during the meet.  We will be doing ribbons for last night, but it will take some extra time to get them out since they all have to be done from the individual timer's sheets.  I am not sure when they will be completed.  Most likely, the swimmers will receive ribbons from our Saturday, June 4th meet before they get the ones from last night, but we will get them done!
I know it was extremely hot in the pool area last night.  After talking to school administrators about it I was told that the exhaust fan system is set up only to work when all pool doors are closed.  They will only circulate and expel the inside air if the room has suction.  I understand that leaving the entry doors open provided relief to those sitting near the doors, but made the back of the pool area unbearable.  Saturday I want to leave the entry doors closed and at least see if that makes a difference.  All we can do is try!  I have also been informed by school officials that in an attempt to lower costs, the high school will only be operating A/C Mon-Thurs.  This means on Saturday meets we will not have air in the hallways either.  So, it may not give any relief to keep the doors open anyway.  Please dress appropriately and drink lots of water during our meets.  We offer cold water, gatorade and sodas at our concession stand.
Saturday's meet against Fountain Central will begin at 8:30am.  This means swimmers 8 and under should arrive by 8:00am and swimmers 9 and up need to be at the pool by 7:30am for warm-ups.   I have already arranged for several changes to allow a smoother start to the meet and will make every attempt to begin on time.  We are a large team this year.  I believe we have approx 140 swimmers.  Last night, with just our swimmers, we ran about 3 hours long.  I expect Saturday's meet to last close to 4  hours.  With all the activity though, it will go fast!  We will be offering both breakfast and lunch at the concession stand.  Thank you so much to Caroline Lucero and Susan Olson for all their hard work purchasing and planning the concessions!
I think that is it for now.  Later today, I will be working on sending out reminders to those that are working at Saturday's meet.  As always, feel free to contact one of the coaches or board.