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June 24- PSSL Information

posted Jun 24, 2011, 10:28 AM by RSST Swim Team
Our warm up time for tomorrow is 8:00 am.  Please try to be there 15 minutes early so that your swimmer is ready to enter the pool at 8am.  The meet will begin at 9:00 am.  This will be an ALL day event.  Please make sure you have made arrangements to be there during the entire competition!
It sounds like there will be 3 heats of prelims other than the relays.  They hope to be finished with prelims by approx 1:30 pm.  Finals will begin no earlier than 3:00 pm.  Attica is asking that all spectators be curteous and be in the pool area only when your swimmer is competing.   There is not enough seating for everyone to be in there at once.  They will allow us to be in the stands and also stand along the wall, but not by the pool itself.  Swimmers will be in the gym and clerk of course will be located in the auxillary gym behind the blocks.  They are only supposed to be in the pool area when competing. 
We are required to supply workers for the day.  I am looking for 4 timers (2 for prelims and 2 for finals), an 8 and under girl and boy helper/line ups, a 9 & 10 girl and boy helper/line ups, and 2 marshalls (supervisor to be in gym for crowd control).  That is 10 adult helpers all together.  I really need parental help on this.  Please contact me right away if you are willing to help out. 
I have also been told there may not be A/C tomorrow.  If anyone has a couple of fans they could bring for the day, please let me know that as well.  If there is no air, it will be very hot in the gym.  Trust me.  You may also want to bring a chair for the times you are not in the pool area watching.  We will also be bringing the RSST personal fans.  There will be concessions,  but I am not sure what they will be offereing.
A couple of rules for swimmers:  NO bracelets of any kind can be work during competition.  Swim caps need to be worn on longer hair and only stud earrings are permitted and those need to be covered by a cap.  Of course, proper stroke technique is obviously a must. 
We are having a coaches/swim board meeting tonight after evening practice.  If there is any more important information, I will send another email out tonight.