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May 31- LCC Update!

posted May 31, 2011, 7:46 PM by RSST Swim Team
Just a few hours ago, we received an email from Lafayette Country Club's coach that they were requesting to either cancel or reschedule tomorrow's meet.  I know, I was frustrated too as we usually do not have an issue in competing with this team.  Apparently, they don't feel they have enough practice time to have a meet yet.
After discussing this with Stacy, we decided to go ahead with our meet tomorrow night and have an A team vs B team "mock meet".  It will be great for our first time swimmers to get the feel of a meet and for our seasoned swimmers to get some times down even though they will not be official since we are not competing against another team.
This will run just as any other meet.  If you were scheduled to help out and received a reminder from me today, that will stay the same.  We will have the concession stand open as well.  We are going to try to reschedule with Lafayette Country Club for Monday, June 13.  I understand this may be an inconvenience for some of you since we always have meets on Wednesday and Saturday, but all of those days are booked with other meets already.  I have not confirmed that yet, and will let you know as soon as I have a definite on that.  It will be a home meet.
I apologize for sending a message out last minute, but I just found out a few hours ago.  If you have any questions, I would be happy to try and answer them!
See you all tomorrow,
Kristie Housman