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posted Jun 2, 2012, 2:46 AM by RSST Swim Team
1.  If you are working the swim meet Saturday, please try to be at your station by 8:15.  I want to make sure we have enough coverage 15 minutes before the meet begins.
2.  I have located a roaster for the concession stand.  Thanks!
3.  A volunteer has stepped up to be head ribbon writer!  Thanks!
Once again, I want to ask for everyone's patience and understanding . 

Spectator Viewing
If you are able and can step out of the bleachers when your child is not swimming, it would be appreciated.  That gives everyone an opportunity to watch their swimmer.  I have asked this courtesy of Monticello as well.  Even though it is going to be a very warm, long and chaotic day, I say bring it!  GO RSST!!!!