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Warren Results

posted Jun 3, 2013, 11:14 AM by RSST Swim Team
First, I would like to thank everyone for their patience and understanding during Saturday's meet.  You have no idea how horrible I felt starting that meet 30 minutes late!  I am pretty confident that we have now discovered the issue with the computer software, so this week's meets should run much smoother.  I will also be sure the bathrooms are open as well as the concession doors.  The good news that came out of all the chaos on Saturday is that our kids swam GREAT!   I know there were a lot of PR's and the score showed it.  We had a big win with a score of 751 to 252!  Keep up the good work, swimmers!
In addition to the software issues, another reason we started so late is because there were many changes to our line up due to no shows.  I cannot stress enough the importance of signing off on a meet if you are not going to be there.  Please, please make use of the sign off sheets in the pool room or let your coach know.  When one person does not show and we are not aware, it changes the entire line up of the meet for that age group.  We really would appreciate your cooperation :)
Typically, we have ribbons ready on Monday after a Saturday meet, but Warren did not have enough ribbons on Saturday to finish the meet.  They will be mailing those to me hopefully before the end of this week.  Also, with the software problems, a few of the labels did not print, so I want to check over everything and make sure everyone's ribbons are correct.  My plan is to have last Saturday's and this week's meets ribbons ready by the weekend.  When they are ready, you will find a box out on the bench in the hallway.  Just look in the folder marked with your name and grab your ribbons!